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Name: Bart Sengers

Role: Head Coach

Nationality: Dutch

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Year joined Caledonia Pride


Bart started playing basketball at the age of 11 with Tonego 65 basketball club in Holland before progressing onto refereeing and thereafter coaching at the age of 16.

It was not until his mid-twenties that he concentrated his focus solely on coaching, moving clubs to facilitate this at a higher level.

Having gained experience coaching at National Youth Levels, he was selected as assistant for the Senior Women’s Dutch National Team where he gained vital skills which he, in turn, took forward when becoming the Head Coach for both the Dutch National League Team and the National Youth Team.

Bart has vast coaching experience in the female game having led numerous Dutch National squads at Euro A Championships and he has been awarded coach of the year twice in the Dutch Senior Women’s National League along with a 4 time all star coach in the Dutch National league.

Coaching became a passion for Bart who readily accepted the position of Head Coach of Women’s Performance Basketball with Edinburgh University in 2014, leading them to success in the Scottish Basketball Championships as well as hugely successful campaigns in BUCS. Bart was later appointed as Scotland’s National Team Performance Coach and lead the women’s team to the test series in Malaysia in 2017.

In 2016 Bart was named as the Head Coach with Caledonia Pride where he remains today continuing to drive home grown athletes to greater challenges.

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Interesting Facts

Bart’s Hopes & Aspirations
I see Pride as one of the top teams in the league in the future and I hope to see us playing at European competitions to further challenge and grow our top young talent. I aspire to make Pride the most professional team in the league and motivate more Scottish girls to pick up this amazing sport.

Biggest Accomplishment on or off Court
I think that has to be turning my hobby into my full-time job.

Favourite Movie
Hard to pick just one but I do enjoy movies from the action/thriller genre.

Sporting Hero
Michael Jordan

Inspirational Coach
Hubie Brown

Quote to live by
If you do the work, you get rewarded. There are no short cuts in life. – Michael Jordan

Dream dinner party guests

Anthony Robbins – An incredible Life Coach, I would be interested to learn more about his understanding of people.

Hubie Brown – The most inspiring coach, I could listen to him all night!

Michael Jordan – The GOAT!

Geno Auriemma – One of the most successful coaches in Women’s basketball, I would love to pick his brain.

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