Young Guards Continue Their Development Path with Pride

18 year old Scottish guards Rose Harvey and Taryn Cummins are set to continue their progress with Pride in the 21/22 season.

After a breakout season, 18 year old Rose  returns for her 4th season with Pride after averaging 18 minutes, 4.0 points and 2.2 assists per game in the 20/21 campaign. Circumstances meant that Rose was required to take on a larger role last year, where she often played the unaccustomed and challenging position of point guard, showing great leadership as she did so. We are excited to see Rose back in purple for the new season.

Rose reflected on last season and hopes for the coming one “Last season was a great opportunity for me to be able to play a lot of high level, physical basketball. Although I found it challenging at times, it allowed me to recognise my strengths and more importantly, identify areas I need to work on. I am excited to play with some new teammates this year and equally as excited to be returning to play with a lot of the team from last year.  We have grown a lot as a unit, and I look forward to see how we perform.”

Bart Sengers added “Rose stepped up last season and it was great to see her shine at times. Now her challenge is to improve and become more consistent. She is a great passer and a very mature player. It is great fun to coach Rose. She soaks up everything and can handle feedback as good as anyone. She is a confident young women and now that she is living in Edinburgh, she will be able to put in even more work than before. It is fun to see her work hard on her shooting with Maud and growing in confidence. She knows exactly where to improve, and I love her dedication towards making that happen.”

Injury caused a late start for Taryn last season, but once back to full strength the 18-year-old took on the challenge of playing in the WBBL and steadily increased in confidence. Playing in 11 games, she averaged 12 minutes of playing time as she adjusted to her new challenge. A feisty player and great teammate we are excited watch ‘Taz’ grow and expand her game this season.

Taz told us “I am really looking forward to starting the season fully fit after missing a number of early games last year.  Moving over to Edinburgh will allow me to become closer to my teammates and push my fitness further. We are a small, young team that are gaining confidence with every game we play. I think if we play to our strengths, we could have a successful season.”

Speaking about Taryn, Coach Sengers added “Taryn was unlucky last season and never got a good chance to show what she can do. If she can have a full season this time and a chance to adjust to the level, she will fit well with the style of play. Once she figures out how to be effective in this league she will be fun to watch. She has already shown to be committed to improving so I belief she will figure it out this season and find ways to contribute and improve.”