Natalie Bastian

  • Age:22
  • Number:2
  • Height:5'6
  • Previous Club:Franklin Pierce University
  • You are stranded on an island and can only have 3 items, what are they?:My dog, American cheese, water
  • What you would buy with your last 50 pounds:Is it wrong to say cheese again? Or adopt a dog if it was cheep enough and eat cheese together...
  • What is your best attribute as a team mate?:Hype/Positivity
  • Who is the best and worse person to sit next to on away games and why?:Best- Robyn because she's studious and inspires me to do the same; Worst- Sarah because she distracts me from trying to be studious like Robyn
  • If you didn't play basketball, what other sport would you play?:Hmmm, maybe soccer? Or I would attempt to bring back my gymnastic days
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