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Age: 19

Height: 6′ 0″

Nationality: Scottish

Position: Forward

Number: 22

Previous Club


The University of Edinburgh


First game for Caledonia Pride

16th January 2021
Against: Leicester Riders (Home)

Present & Previous Clubs
and Achievements

Caledonia Pride (2020 – present)

Lady Rocks Basketball Club  2014 – 2020
SBC Senior Women League Champions . 2019/20
SBC Senior Women Scottish Cup . 2020
SBC Senior Women Playoffs Winners . 2019
SBC U18s Women League Champions . 2019

National Teams

Scotland U18s . 2019/2020
Scotland U18s . 2018/2019
Scotland U16s . 2017/2018
Scotland U16s . 2016/2017

Scotland National Development Teams (2015-17)

Interesting Facts

Biggest accomplishment on and off the court
On court was getting to finals of U16s Euro C in 2018

Favourite basketball memory
Exchanging jerseys with other teams on the last day at Euros

Sporting Hero
Luka Doncic

Four dream dinner guests

  • Barack  Obama He has done some very inspiring work, plus he seems like he could have some great conversations at that table.
  • Walt Disney – I have always loved anything Disney! being able to talk to the man behind it all would be amazing.
  • Luka Doncic He has accomplished so much at such a young age and he seems to live life to the full.
  • Meryl Streep She stars in Mama Mia, one of my favourite films. I would really enjoy talking to her  about the movie.

WBBL Championship

2020/21Caledonia Pride1954193030.000060.0001250.000111015918181.
2021/22Caledonia Pride261091123534.28621315.385030.00059169881.


2021/22Caledonia Pride41212825.000030.0000000021220.

WBBL Trophy

2020/21Caledonia Pride21001812.500020.0000003222115.
2021/22Caledonia Pride0000000000000000000000000