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Name: Maela Faleu

Age: 20

Height: 5′ 2″

Nationality: Scottish

Position: Guard

Number: 12

Previous Club

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University of Edinburgh

First game for Caledonia Pride

30 September 2018
Against: Newcastle Eagles (Home)

Present & Previous Clubs
and Achievements

Caledonia Pride (2018 – present)

University of Edinburgh (2019 – present)

Lady Rocks Basketball Club  2013 – 2019
SBC Senior Women Playoffs Winners . 2019
SBC U18s Women Playoffs Winners . 2019
SBC U18s Women League Champions . 2019

National Teams

Scotland U18s . 2017/2018
Scotland U16s . 2016/2017
Scotland U16s . 2015/2016

Scotland National Development Teams (2014-15)

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Interesting Facts

Biggest accomplishment off the court
Being accepted to Edinburgh University

Favourite Basketball memory
Winning the league and playoffs with Lady Rocks u18s in 2019

Sporting Hero
I have a few but i would say Sue Bird for her leadership and determination

Four dream dinner guests

The Obama’s
Solely because Michelle Obama is one of my role models, always wanted to meet her also she shows a lot of strength as she has stuck with her husband throughout his presidential times in America.

Billie Eilish
I love her music and as an 18 year old she has dealt with a lot emotions and downfalls and managed to come out the other side.

Giannis Antetokoumpo
He is massive! He also started really young in the NBA and worked so hard i would like to find out about his mindset and how he manages to stay positive.

Liz Cambage
One of my favourite people because she is so vocal about her emotions and feelings, she does not hide anything and she is true to herself.

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WBBL Championship

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