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Eabha Kerr

Age: 18

Height: 6′ 2″

Nationality: Scottish

Position: Forward

Number: 50

Previous Club


Falkirk High School

First game for Caledonia Pride

17th March 2019
Against: Sheffield Hatters (Away)

Present & Previous Clubs
and Achievements

Caledonia Pride (2018 – present)

University of Edinburgh (2019 – present)

Falkirk Fury  2010 – 2018
Falkirk Community Trust Senior Sportsperson of the year 2019
U14 Scottish Cup Winner 2016

National Teams

Scotland U18s Academy . 2019/2020

Scotland U16s . 2018/2019
Euro C . Bronze

Scotland U16s . 2017/2018
Euro C . Silver

Scotland Development Squads . 2013-16

Interesting Facts

Biggest accomplishment on the court
Playing for Caledonia Pride

Biggest accomplishment off the court
Getting good National 5 Exam results

Favourite Basketball memory
Beating England in the Tri-Nations tournament after being 15 points down.

Four dream dinner guests

Marie Curie she is inspriational and defied gender roles in her time, she was a feminist when it wasn’t just a trend, she would be very interesting to talk to.

David Dobrick He moved to America from a poor family in Slovakia and worked his way to being a millionaire by the time he was 24, i would love to find out more of his story

Zola Budd She stood for something and made an impact with the message she sent by running barefoot – another interesting story to be told

Spongebob  He is always so positive even when those around him are being negative.

WBBL Championship

2020/21Caledonia Pride351427136220.968070.00091850.0001631235319192.
2021/22Caledonia Pride1415142218.1821911.1115862.500313912444.


2021/22Caledonia Pride100004944.4441425.0001250.0003547224.

WBBL Trophy

2020/21Caledonia Pride801141136.3640000002024112.
2021/22Caledonia Pride0000000000000000000000000