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María Fernández

Age: 18

Height: 1.7m

Nationality: Spanish

Position: Guard


Previous Club

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School of Physics and Astronomy, College of Science and Engineering, University of Edinburgh

First game for Caledonia Pride

Season 2020/2021

Seasons Played

2020 – 2021

Present & Previous Clubs

Caledonia Pride (2020/21 – present)

CB Macasta
CD Careba
CB Utrera
Club Naútico Sevilla


Twice Seville Champion,
Twice second of Seville
Three times third of Seville
Once third of Andalusia with Seville Team
2018/19 – best four players of the league

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Interesting Facts

Where did you play basketball before joining Pride?
Club Naútico Sevilla

When did you start playing basketball?
When I was 8 years old

Biggest accomplishment on and off the court: On the court, every single championship that I have been at, and off the court, having such great friends from my team (including coaches) and from the rival teams

Favourite Basketball memory:
In the final four of 2019 we had to win by more than 23 to the second best team of the league. We knew it was going to be difficult but we gave everything we had on the court and we ended up winning by more than necessary. By winning that match we would always won the league, so it meant too much for us.

Who would be your four dream dinner guests?

  • My best friend
    because we always help each other when we need it, and I really appreciate it.
  • Sergio Llull
    He has always been one of my favourites basketball players, and he was one of the most important inspirations when I had to go through the same injury that he had.
  • Walter Lewin
    He is the one who got me into physics with his book and lectures. Knowing him and have the chance to talk with him would be one of my biggest dreams
  • My parents
    They have always support me in everything I’ve wanted to do, and they are the most important people in my life, so for sure that they would be in my dream dinner.
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